Selasa, 16 Juli 2013


Halo world.

It's another nice day to talk about my life, my biography. Since no one wanna write it, so i'll do it alone. Then it will be the first publication that describe about me.

However, i don't know how to begin my life story because there are so many parts from my past that i couldn't tell anyone because of it's secrecy and i already forgot it. However, it's not related with forbidden sectes, paranormal activities, secret agencies, or astral experiences. I'm not such an exclusive human that can fly, have nanobot powers, talking with ghost and fighting against the dark side. It is not Star Wars and Paranorman.

Well, i guess it's enough for right now. Those explanations above, have told you everything that i'm completely random ensemble of an ordinary human. Period.

tugas mengarang bahasa inggris yang belum dikoreksi.

1 komentar:

  1. hi, nice to know you..
    this inspiring me to write my biography as well..:D


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