Rabu, 01 Juli 2015

Rabu, 1 Juli 2015

It's a new month, based on sun calendar, and 15th day according to moon calender. I don't know whether these sentences are correct in grammatical perspective. I want to care about it but I can't help it. My knowledge in English is still far from good. I knew some people who's perfect in this subject. I choose word perfect because I can't find flaws when they talk something in English or when they write some topic in Britannica language. It almost killed me when I saw them in action. From all they've said and written, I just remember their gestures. Don't ask me about what are the points of their lines when they're talking and writing. I can't comprehend them. Maybe they have advanced to a level of grammatical grade that I can't reach although I've crawled all English book in this world for hundreds years, poorly, I don't know if I have any potency to survive for such a long period. Singularity stage, transcend or whatever the term we can use to describe their position in English, the highest point of an achievement in literacy or even in humankind. And compare to them, I'm nothing. It's like the battle between Jedi and Jelly. They are definitely The Jedi and I'm the otherwise. Lightsaber versus sugar. It's a kind of war that shouldn't exist from the first place because we already known the winner before it get started. But the opposite result can happen if The Jedi eat The Jelly after they slashed it with lightsaber because The Jelly have wrapped themself with toxin. When The Jedi eat them, they'll die in vain in couple hours. But the question is who want to eat their opponent bodies after war? If you ask the question to black widow spider or lion, maybe they'll get highest mark for their right answer. It's easy peasy for them. But for The Jedi? Only God knows. Another question, when will I stop use English for writing this article. Somehow I feel so weird to write something in another language that I don't have any capability on it. Maybe a grammar Nazi have obligation to review all sentences in this boredom prose. But who is grammar Nazi in this case?

Mungkin saya lelah. Dan memasuki lagi tahap Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not.

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